knoxville TN aerial photography

I need a drone pilot in Knoxville! Well, aerial photography has been around a long time, but with the recent proliferation of drones it is a quickly changing industry. While "everyone and their brother" has a drone, there is a lot that goes into operating an UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) in a safe and legal manner.


  • FAA Part 107 certification
  • Airspace authorization (required for many flights in the Knoxville area)
  • UAS flight insurance
  • Keeping up to date with the rapidly changing technology and FAA regulations is an ongoing effort


Currently, according to the FAA, "Liability for unauthorized operations can fall on both the pilot and the person who hired the pilot." The pilot would only face a fine of $1,100 per violation, while the person who hired him could be liable for a fine of $11,000. It is highly recommended that you ask to view their remote pilot certificate and insurance documentation before hiring them for any project. And there are still times when it makes more sense to go the "old school" route and use a conventional aircraft for photos.



  • $300 per flight 
  • $75 per edited image
  • Three image minimum